The 1907 thru 1912 Oklahoma School for the Deaf Senior Class

Front row: left to right: Ida Blatti, Guard S. Price, Mrs. P.H. Dunham (teacher), Katie Ruck, and Anna Sprague.
Back row: left to right: Ova Chestnut, Cunni Taylor, Edna E. Patch, Charles Gardenhire, Ambrose Parton, Prudence H. Black, and Guy Buckles. (The picture was taken in 1904 at Guthrie, Oklahoma.)
Class of 1907: Edna Patch
Class of 1908: Guard S. Price, Enola Simpson, Ambrose Parton
Class of 1909: Charles Gardenhire, William Allen, Grace Myers
Class of 1910: None
Class of 1911: None
Class of 1912: Ida Blatti, Loretta Parrish, Fred Steck, Prudence Black