Five lightbulbs lined up one is lit reads: Oklahoma School for the Deaf 2017 Summer Camp

Welcome to OSD 2017 Summer Camp

The 2017 camp will be filled with exciting and challenging activities. Everyone will work with a partner, but to improve social skills, those partners will change twice each day. We believe it will be a fun time for all.

Applications will be accepted from Janunary 8th - May 1st. Late applications may not be accepted due to limited numbers. Come join the fun!

Download our 2017 DHHSC Brochure
2017 DHHSC Brochure in Spanish

  • The following information will clarify some of your questions:

    • High School Camp: June 11-16 2017, age limits 12-17.
    • Elementary Camp: June 11-14 2017, age limits 6-11.
    • Busing is provided to and from camp from specific points to be posted online at a later date.
    • No staff is available to handle students who have need of constant one on one physical, emotional, or medical supervision.
    • We will accept a few adults as volunteer aids if you would like to be a part of your child's camp. Fill out the proper Volunteer Form. Volunteers are responsible for costs and finger printing before acceptence consideration.
    • All forms are printable for your convenience. Be sure to fill out forms completely, and mail or fax back only the forms that are marked.
    • There is no cost for the camp !!! Just spending money for arcades and food at Lazer Zone.
    • Yes, feel free to make copies and give to other parents of deaf or hard of hearing children who want to come to camp.
  • Here is what to expect for your child:

    • A great learning experience - both academically and socially.
    • Professional staff whose heart is to help your child grow in a positive atmosphere.
    • 24 hour supervision including day-time nursing and night-time on-call care.
    • Fun classroom learning and leadership activities that include a half day with the Rotary Leaders Club, at Goddard Youth Camp.

    Now, click on the Camp Form Link and get your applications in by May 1st, 2016.

  • P.S. OSD and Loving Hands Ranch camps have coordinated their dates to make it possable for High School children to attend both camps back to back. If you are interested, contact LHR at 580-618-4116.